Ah, coffee…some call it the elixir of life. Others use it as a remedy to fight the frigid temperatures on a cold Colorado day. We understand both feelings; we’re quite fond of coffee too. And our menu has loads of options to choose from. The next time you’re looking for a quick latte or coffee to go in Denver, you should definitely stop by and try one. We always like to see new faces and we’re certain you’ll enjoy the options we have to offer.

Our Top 5 Menu Favorites for Coffee & Lattes

As with all categories on our menu, our coffee selection is extensive. We’ve got everything from traditional brews to unconventional items and even spiked hot stuff for the weekends or when you have extra time. When asked, we had a hard time narrowing down our favorites. So we surveyed our guests and staff. Conclusively, we came up with the following top five warm beverages:

  1. The Classic: Cuppa Coffee

    In a rush? Need a cup of coffee on your way to work? Don’t be that person who drinks gas station coffee…just don’t. We can have a delicious Cuppa Coffee out for you in a jiff so you can be on your way and drink something tastey (…that doesn’t make you regret your life’s decisions). We brew regular and dark roast daily, so our coffee is always fresh.

  2. Sam’s No. 3 Americano

    When you feel depresso, have a little espresso. An Americano is a classic choice. It’s sure to do the trick to get you up and running for the day and feeling fabulous.

  3. The Snickers Latte

    It’s a simple fact of life: sometimes, you just gotta treat yo self. And candy is always a good way to go. Just the right amount of sweetness and a hint of caramel and chocolate makes our Snickers Latte delectable.

  4. Sam’s No. 3 Chai Tea Latte

    Nothing balances sweet and spicy as perfectly as chai tea. Sam’s No. 3 Chai Tea is espresso free and is one of our best coffee alternative lattes togo.

  5. The Nitty Gritty Brain Freeze

    There are few things in life better than coffee. But our Coffee Freezes are one of them. Sam’s No. 3 Coffee Freezes are a heavenly blend of ice cream, espresso, and flavor. Our favorite is the Nitty Gritty Brain Freeze. It’s perfect for a hot summer day or just as a sweet treat.

Get Your Coffee ToGo at Sam’s No. 3 in Denver

Next time you’re out and about and need a cup of joe, give Sam’s No. 3 a shout. We’ll get your coffee or latte togo for you in a flash. Our 3 Denver locations are conveniently located in Glendale, Aurora, and the Downtown area. Call today to get directions and experience Denver’s best coffee for yourself!