Most breakfast foods are simple. It doesn’t require any extraordinary talent to make scrambled eggS and toast. But eggs benedict is not a simple dish.


Preparing eggs benedict requires one to be attentive to even the finest details. Timing and order are key. And while there are many restaurants in Denver that serve benedict as a breakfast option, few have perfected the art.


At Sam’s, we’ve spent years mastering the techniques involved in benedict-making. We’ve adjusted and fine tuned our recipes to come up with a dish that’s truly out of this world, the ultimate eggs benedict breakfast.


How exactly have we accomplished this? It comes down to two things – technique and high quality ingredients.


What Makes Our Bennys “Eggceptional”



  1. We make sure our eggs are basted perfectly.


A basted egg is different than a poached egg or a sunny side up egg. To cook a basted egg, you crack in the pan, then baste it with water to cook the yolk ever so slightly. Watching the egg attentively is key to avoid over-cooking the yolk.


  1. We put extra love and effort into making our hollandaise sauce.

Made with farm fresh eggs by our talented chefs and cooking staff, our hollandaise is the best on this side of the Great Divide.


  1. We’re creative in making our bennys.

We believe the best meals are the result of out-of-the-box thinking, which is why we love to be creative with our benny recipes. Classic benedict is great, but so is benedict topped with extra add ons like steak, avocado, and green chili. If you don’t believe us, try one for yourself and you’ll see how delicious they really are!


Visit Sam’s No. 3 for Denver’s Best Benedict

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