Clean eating is a movement  where people eating unprocessed, unrefined, and whole foods that are as close to how you’d find them in nature as possible. Eating a low carb diet is one fuss-free way to start eating clean, and Sam’s No. 3’s low carb breakfast items allow Denver residents to jump on the health train easily without sacrificing taste or quality.


Eating Delicious, Unprocessed Low Carb Breakfast the Denver Way

In a mountain city like Denver, a hearty breakfast is fuel for skiing, hiking, or even going to the office. But breakfast doesn’t have to be unhealthy to be delicious and filling! Here are some of our tastiest and clean eating-approved low carb breakfast meals at our Denver location:


T.S.A. Eggs Benedict

The classic benny gets a low carb, clean eating makeover when it’s topped with tomato, spinach, and avocado–3 low carb vegetables paired with an egg, the champion of low carb clean eating proteins. Even Hollandaise sauce (made with full fat, minimally processed dairy butter) is considered a low carb food.


Steak Fajita Omelet

Loaded with eggs and steak (2 low carb proteins), onions, and bell pepper (a low carb veggie), our steak fajita omelet will leave you satisfied and guilt-free when it comes to a clean, low carb breakfast–perfect for Denver customers who eat consciously but still want to feel full.


Other Low Carb Clean Eating Menu Options

Our clean eating low carb breakfast items aren’t limited to entrees. We also have a la carte items, sides, and substitutions you can make. Ask to “low carb it” and sub potatoes and toast for cottage cheese, tomato slices, and an extra egg. Switch potatoes for a cup of oatmeal, black beans, cut fruit salad, a seasonal fruit plate, or a fruit parfait with plain Greek yogurt. Pair your breakfast with unsweetened hot or iced tea or black coffee to drink instead of sugary fruit juice or soda. There are a ton of low carb breakfast options on our Denver menu for clean eaters!


Eating a clean, low carb diet is easy at Sam’s No. 3!


Keep Your Stomach Happy and Healthy at Sam’s No. 3!

Our three locations have plenty of low carb breakfast options for Denver customers! Give us a call for directions, reservations, or to place an order togo today!