At Sam’s No. 3, we serve up all kinds of mouthwatering food, from Southwestern and Mexican cuisine to Greek food. However, one of our specialties is serving up hearty breakfasts that will keep you coming back for more. It’s just one of several reasons why we’re the best breakfast restaurant you’ll ever try in Denver (even though that’s far from all we have to offer)!


3 Eggs-ellent Reasons We’re the Best Breakfast Restaurant Denver’s Ever Tasted

At Sam’s, we put excellence behind everything we do. That’s why we’re confident that we’re the best breakfast restaurant in Denver. But just in case you had any doubts or haven’t been here before, here are 3 reasons why!


  • We Serve Breakfast All Day


That’s right, folks: no matter whether you desire all of the best breakfast fixings first thing in the morning, during lunchtime, in place of linner, or as a “breakfast for dinner” treat, you can dine on our delicious breakfast menu all day, every day. Well, as long as it’s during our opening hours, anyway!



  • We Go Beyond the Classics


Don’t get us wrong; everyone loves a classic. And they’re an important part of the menu here at Sam’s No. 3. But there’s something exciting about mixing things up from the tried and true dishes and bringing something more unique to the table. Try one of our more ingenious takes on the classics, from eggs Benedict with a variety of gourmet ingredients to breakfast skillets with a Greek twist or smothered in our famous chili, whether you go green, veggie, or Coney red. The wide range covered by our breakfast menu alone is just one of the many reasons why we’re proud to call ourselves the best breakfast restaurant in Denver!



  • We Have 3 Convenient Locations


Find yourself craving our breakfast wherever you are? Chances are good that you’re not too far from us! With locations to choose from in Denver, Glendale, and Aurora, you’ll find it easy and convenient to dine at Sam’s No. 3 whenever you’re in the neighborhood.


Come See Why Sam’s No. 3 is Hands-Down the Best Breakfast Restaurant in Denver!

As we mentioned above, even though we have 3 different locations, all of our restaurants offer the same belly-busting goodness that makes Sam’s No. 3 the best breakfast restaurant Denver has to offer. Give us a call or stop by today!