While the mountains of Colorado might seem like the oddest place to find great Greek cuisine, we take pride in our range of Greek and Greek-influenced dishes. One of our favorites to serve is souvlaki, an iconic Greek dish. At Sam’s No. 3 in Denver, we incorporate souvlaki into our menu in a number of surprising ways.


Traditional vs. Modern Souvlaki

We fully encourage you to enjoy souvlaki responsibly by dining with us. Here’s our crash course on what souvlaki is (for those of you who don’t already know, somehow) and how we bring it into the modern day.


By our barebones definition, traditional souvlaki is a type of Greek fast food consisting of grilled meat and vegetables on a skewer, usually eaten right off of the skewer. It can be served with sauces, pita, fried potatoes, and lemon on the side, but usually, the souvlaki itself is eaten alone. Pork, chicken, and lamb are the most common meats used for souvlaki.


At Sam’s No. 3, we like to do things (read: souvlaki) differently, like any Colorado native should.


What Makes the Souvlaki at Our Denver Diner Stand Out

The souvlaki we serve at our Denver diner is unique and packed with flavor. It takes tradition and flips it on its head. We get creative with our souvlaki, serving a fusion of Greek and American flavors. Get your fix of souvlaki with eggs, in wraps and burritos, or on top of Greek salad.


However you have it, our souvlaki is the best! Just try it for yourself and you’ll see!


Call Us and Enjoy Your Souvlaki Today at Sam’s No. 3 in Denver!

Whether you need directions or want to see what the wait is like–we’re very popular, after all–give us a call and get to chowing down on your souvlaki sooner at one of our Denver locations!