It’s understandable that many parents feel conflicted when it comes to the topic of going out to eat. As a parent, you want your child to be able to have fun at whatever restaurant you go to and when you see their body squiggling around in a booth they’ve been stuck in for hours, you can almost feel their pain.


But at the same time, you want the experience to be enjoyable for yourself as well as whoever you’re going out to eat with. There’s no idea more unappealing than sitting in a restaurant filled with tons of screaming kids running around like maniacs with floors that are covered in unknown sticky substances. (Trust us, we can relate. We’ve all experienced the madness of Casa Bonita.)


That’s why Sam’s No. 3 is the perfect solution for parents looking for a kid-friendly spot to eat in Denver that also offers an enjoyable adult experience. Our diner caters to both the needs of kids and parents alike.


Why Sam’s No. 3 Is a Great Place to Eat with Kids in Denver

At Sam’s No. 3, we’ve got tons of kid friendly foods on our menu as well as several activities your little ones can partake in while you and your spouse, family, or friends enjoy a nice evening out. While waiting for your meal, you and your adult companion can enjoy a tasty beverage from our full-service bar while your kids entertain themselves at the gumball machine or create a masterpiece using the coloring pages we provide.


Kid Friendly Menu Options from Our Diner

Whether you visit us for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, our menu is sure to have something your kiddo will enjoy. We have tons of kid friendly foods on our menu including:

  • Mickey Mouse Pancakes
  • Kid Chicken Strips & Tots
  • Kid Mac-n-Cheese
  • Kid Corn Dog & Tater Tots
  • Kid Ice Cream & Kid Shakes


Get Directions

Stop by Denver’s favorite kid friendly restaurant for a delicious meal and fun-filled experience that your whole family will enjoy! Call today to get directions to any one of our three Denver metro locations!