Denver is known for many things: it’s altitude, it’s attitude, and it’s residents’ fierce love of all-things local and Southwestern. And that passion shows up most clearly in the food. In Denver, we love great cold beer, consume Colorado green chile by the pound, and create wonderful twists on American classics that leave your taste buds begging for more. At Sam’s No. 3, we’re proud to serve up some of the finest food in the city.


The Best Cold Beer in Denver Is Craft Beer

There are more than 200 craft breweries that call Colorado home and each brewery has different brews, styles, and flavor profiles. But they all share one thing: fresh cold beer. At Sam’s, we want to share those great Colorado-brewed concoctions with you. You’ll find everything from local Denver micros to the Colorado powerhouse breweries like New Belgium on our menu. Not sure what you want? Just ask! We’ve tasted every one of the beers we have on hand and will help you find one that you’ll love.


Let’s Talk Green Chile

Yes…chile, not chili. There’s nothing better than a fresh roasted certified New Mexican green chile except for a freshly roasted chile turned into a delicious sauce that smothers burritos. We source the best New Mexican chile and prepare them in-house to give you the perfect balance of flavor and spice. And Denver locals know that green chile can be served with everything. Ask for a side and smother your hash browns, pile the green stuff on your burger, and enjoy a little burn to open up your sinuses.


Delicious Mexican Food Made Fresh

Sure, brunch is delicious, but sometimes you need a little something different. Our fresh-made Mexican-inspired entrees are the perfect choice. Enjoy everything from huevos rancheros to tacos to green chile smothered burritos. You’ll get a delicious taste of the Southwest no matter what you choose.


Breakfast All Day Long

For your friends and family that aren’t fans of spicy food, we’re here to help. At Sam’s, we’ve got the traditional favorites like fresh cooked benedicts, waffles, pancakes, and even French toast. There’s something for everyone and EVERYTHING pairs well with a cold beer from a Denver brewery. You can even mix it up and try a brewmosa—Denver’s local twist on the standard mimosa!


Visit Sam’s No. 3 in Denver

Stop by one of our three locations and try the best Denver favorites from fresh-made green chile to delicious cold beer. Call today to get directions!