5 Omelets for your Denver Brunch that Are Dangerously Delicious

What says “breakfast” better than a trip to your favorite diner? Nothing. Okay…well, maybe an omelet. But let’s be honest, no one likes making omelets at home. It’s messy and time-consuming, and never comes out right. Save yourself the trouble and try these five dangerously delicious Denver omelets from our menu!


  1. Momma’s Big Fat Omelette

Think of it as a heart attack on a plate…a REALLY tasty heart attack on a plate. Your heart might just give out when you see this massive six-egg omelet coming towards your table. Size does matter, but Momma always told us it was what’s inside that matters most. And this Denver-sized omelet is our crowning achievement. It’s packed full of sausage, ham, gyro meat, plenty of veg, and smothered in cheesy Kickin’ Green Chili.


  1. Yum! Kitchen Sink Omelette

As in everything but the…? You got it! It’s a slightly scaled down version of our Big Fat classic and it’s perfect for lighter appetites or those mornings after when you’re still full up on beer and pizza. It’s the perfect omelet for Denverites trying to watch what (or how much) they eat after indulging in the best craft beers in town. Or, you know…if you’re saving room for dessert.


  1. Reuben Omelette

What’s the best hangover cure? Something that packs plenty of flavor, just a touch of grease, and tangy refreshing sauerkraut to take away that cottonmouth feeling. Our Reuben omelet delivers, packing corned beef, swiss cheese, and grilled-to-perfection sauerkraut on the side. Add some hash browns to the mix and you’re golden.


  1. Athena Omelette

Sometimes, you just need a little something different. The Athena omelet is just Denver diners need to shake things up a bit. Besides the standard fluffy and delicious eggs, you’ll get a hefty helping of gyro meat, feta, tomato, and spinach. But to really get your taste buds ready for eating, we’ll throw in a side of tzatziki sauce.


  1. Popeye Omelette

Maybe you’re trying to be healthy. Maybe you just LOVE spinach…Whatever it is, the Popeye Omelet is Denver’s answer to your craving. We pack it full with fresh spinach, bacon, and cheddar cheese which is good enough on its own. But we also top it with a generous dollop of sour cream and chopped green onion. Because we can. And because we like it that way.


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