Menu Spotlight: Get Saucy with Wings from Our Denver Diner

Warm weather means barbecue season is in full swing, but all that sweet sauce sometimes calls for a kick of something different. Nothing satisfies like fresh and delicious buffalo wings.


Heck…even the kids love ‘em! Have you ever tried to make them yourself, though? It’s tough! At Sam’s No. 3, we’ve got some of the best wings in Denver. But as a breakfast and lunch hotspot, a lot of people haven’t tried ‘em. So, get ready to learn what makes our wings so different!


Fried to Perfection

Everyone knows that Denver’s best buffalo wings are fried. And who doesn’t love fried chicken? But this isn’t your grandma’s fried chicken…no! Our wings are pulled from the cooler, seasoned, and placed in piping hot oil where they cook to juicy perfection. Feel like something’s missing? You’re right…it’s the breading! We believe that great chicken doesn’t need a coating of floury batter to taste great. It just needs to be prepared the right way!


Coated in a Classic

Other Denver wings come with the world’s longest list of sauce choices, seasonings, and preparation methods. And you know what 99.9 percent of people choose? Straight up buffalo sauce. It’s tangy, savory, rich, and just spicy enough to make your tongue sit up and take notice. You might not be able to get that ghost pepper sriracha strawberry-kiwi molasses glaze (um…what?!) but you will be able to enjoy a delicious classic packed with flavor.


All the Right Sides

What would Denver’s best buffalo wings be without sides? Yep, that means you have the choice between making your dish a meal or enjoying a few wings as a snack. Our standard orders come with your choice of dressing (blue cheese reigns supreme) and a cup of veggies to dip when you find the heat too hot to handle.

But if you’re looking for a bit more substance, order your wings with some rings! That’s right…we batter these puppies in a seasoned blend that goes perfectly with your wings. Are they the type of food you should order on your first date? Probably not…but you can and SHOULD order a platter on your second date! There’s more than enough to go around and by that point, getting a little messy might be a good thing.


Satisfy Your Craving Today

You don’t need the excuse of a sports game to indulge your craving for wings. Stop by one of our three locations and get your wing on as soon as the craving strikes!