Our Best Mimosas & Salads for Springtime in Denver

Summertime in Denver gets hot and the hotter it gets, the less you want to indulge in a chili-smothered burrito. After all, hot food on a hot afternoon just doesn’t sound appealing! But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. At Sam’s we’ve got you covered with cool and refreshing salads and beverages guaranteed to leave you feeling great. These aren’t your average salads—they’re proper meals. Try these great salad and mimosa combinations from our Denver diner:


Summer Spinach Salad and the Anti-Oxidan

Summer specials are a thing and with the spinach salad, you’ll get heaps of fresh baby spinach tossed with house-made balsamic vinaigrette. The greens are topped with chopped bacon, fresh red onion, seasonal berries, and bleu cheese crumbles. Add grilled steak, chicken breast, or smoked salmon for added protein. Order an Anti-Oxidan Mimosa and let the cranberry and blueberry flavors bring out the freshness of the summer season with each sip.


Pecan Steak Mushroom Salad and the Lemoni Bellini

For Denverites looking for a hearty meal, this steak-centered salad is the perfect choice. We grill 6 ounces of steak to order and nestle it on top of a bed of mixed lettuce greens and sautéed mushroom slices. For added flavor, we throw in sliced red onions, tomatoes, and pecans and toss it with a Greek vinaigrette. Try this Denver-inspired salad with Lemoni Bellini for a true summer treat. The lemon vodka, sparkling wine, and peach puree are fruity enough to keep you coming back for more, but mild enough to let the steak shine through.


Caesar Salad and the Classic Mimosa

Does it get any better than a classic with a classic? We don’t think so! Our Caesar salad features crisp romaine, crunchy croutons, shaved parmesan, and bold Caesar dressing for the perfect summer lunch or brunch. If you’re feeling ravenous, top it with grilled chicken breast or smoked salmon. Keep things classy with a classic mimosa from our drink menu and you’ll be enjoying the summer heat in no time.

But what if classic mimosas just aren’t your thing? Don’t worry! The mango mimosa is a great way to make your brunch at your favorite Denver diner a bit more tropical and a lot more interesting.


Who Says Diners Can’t Do Salad?

There are salads and there are SALADS. Denver diners know the difference and we’re proud to serve up some of the finest plates of crisp greens that you’ve ever seen. Stop by and try one of our signature salads, sip on a cocktail, and stay cool.