3 Reasons to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo at Our Denver Diner

Cinco de Mayo is coming up. And you know what that means…it’s time to shake off the last of the winter blues and celebrate with the help of a bit of booze and a lot of food. Sure, you have tons of places you could go, but should you? When you’re busy celebrating the Mexican army’s defeat of the French Empire more than 200 years ago, you want to settle in for a day of revelry without having to go to multiple places. Here’s why you should celebrate at our Denver diner.


  1. We’ve Got the Tequila Covered

Guys, we know we’re famous for our food. But have you even seen our booze menu? We’ve got more tequila than we know what to do with and we know how to use it. Sidle up to the bar and order a traditional margarita or go wild with the Drunken Smurf. Just let us know how fancy you want to be. We recommend starting the day out with better tequila…you know…while you still care what things taste like.


  1. Satisfy Your Taste Buds

On Cinco de Mayo, you have three words to live by: Kickin’ Green Chili. Smother this badass sauce on everything and watch as your taste buds do a little dance. You might just burn off some of that tequila we mentioned. And for the folks that prefer something a bit milder, we’ve got you covered. Green chili is our lifeblood, but we also know how to make a mean salad or grill up a juicy hamburger with an obnoxiously large helping of French fries to cure any hangover long before it starts.


  1. Breakfast for Dinner is a Thing

There’s never a bad time to enjoy breakfast. And at our Denver diner, you don’t have to settle for one type of food when you choose to show up. Grab a burger if you’re craving one or satisfy your sweet tooth with sweet cream pancakes. The sky’s the limit and you won’t have to worry about fighting over restaurant choices with the people you’re celebrating with. We’ve got something to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

Visit Our Denver Diner for Cinco De Mayo

Sam’s No. 3 is Denver’s favorite diner for a reason: you won’t leave hungry. Even better, we take the stress out of settling those “where should we eat” disputes long before the first person asks. Stop by one of our three locations or call ahead and book a table for your large party for your Cinco de Mayo celebration.