Cheers to Chorizo! Our Denver Diner’s Best Chorizo Dishes


Is there anything better than sausage? It’s the food of the gods! All those seasonings packed close together with delicious juicy pork. And there are thousands of types available. But at Sam’s, we like to keep things kickin’. Our menu touts dishes packed full of flavor and that’s why we always recommend Denver’s favorite chorizo anytime someone wants to spice up a dish. But we’ve taken things a step further—we incorporate this delicious, flavorful, and spicy sausage into a few classic dishes. Here are a few of our favorites guaranteed to satisfy the hungriest diner.


Smacdown Burrito

Sometimes, you just need a little something different. The Smacdown is exactly what you’re craving. Take our scrambled eggs, loads of chorizo and a flour tortilla, then add tater tots and enough of our homemade mac and cheese to bring a tear to your eye. Then, smother the entire thing in Kickin’ Green Chili and you’ve got yourself a breakfast you’ll crave even after you wipe the plate clean.


Huevos Benedicto

This is the Southwest, folks. We know how to twist a breakfast classic into a spicy and flavorful Denver special. And this dish does that and then some. You’ve got Denver’s best chorizo scrambled with fluffy eggs, resting on a perfectly toasted English muffin. But then we go one step further. We smother the dish in green chili. Your taste buds will be screaming by the end, but if you’re not sweating, are you really enjoying your breakfast?


Macho Burrito

No Denverite can ever turn down a massive chorizo-stuffed breakfast burrito like the Macho. You’ll get a flour tortilla packed full of tender scrambled eggs, home fries, cheese, onion, tomato, jalapeño, and ack cheese. As if those fillings weren’t enough, we cram enough chorizo to fill you up and wrap the entire thing together. Smother it with green chili and you’ve got yourself a breakfast to remember.


Mac-n-Cheese Dip

Looking for something to accompany that craft beer and keep you satisfied until your meal arrives? This dip won’t disappoint. You’ll get the same house-made mac and cheese you sneakily steal off your kids’ plates topped with the best chorizo in Denver and smothered in Kickin’ Green Chili. Order a cup if you just want a taste and a bowl if you’re like us and will do anything for ooey gooey cheese.


Satisfy Your Craving for Denver’s Best Chorizo

If you’re craving some delicious spicy dishes, stop by Sam’s and fill your belly with the best. Call ahead and place an order to go or head to your nearest location and stay a while.