Why Visit Sam’s for Local Craft Beer & Denver Sports

Denver is well-known for being a craft beer city. We’ve got more microbreweries along the Front Range than anywhere else in the country. And that means we’ve got some of the best beer right in the city. But finding your favorites can be tough. And you don’t always have time to go to the breweries and sample their concoctions. At Sam’s, we do our best to keep our local craft beer selection one of the best in Denver. And nothing goes better with beer than sports.


We’ve Got the Best Brews

At bars across the city, you’ll find a decent selection of beer, but most of those boozy beverages on tap aren’t’ local. They come from national brewery chains and always manage to leave you feeling disappointed. At Sam’s, we highlight Denver’s best local craft beer at all times. Sure, you’ll find some of the flagship standards at our bar, but you’ll also have access to some of the best and most varied brews in one place. No more brewery hopping unless you want to.


Multiple Big Screens

Sure, you can stream one game on your phone, another on your computer, and one on your TV, but bouncing back and forth between different screen sizes isn’t practical. At Sam’s, we’ve got more than one large screen TV within eyeshot of your seat. You’ll be able to follow multiple games without having to deal with the frustration of your phone screen going black or squinting to see the score. And you’ll have fresh ice cold local craft beer an order away at all times.


Fellow Fans Abound

When you’re watching at home, you’re probably the only one cheering your team as they make play after awesome play. Worse, if your family members aren’t fans themselves, you might find yourself getting yelled at for those enthusiastic signs of support. At Sam’s, we won’t yell at you…we’ll cheer alongside you. And if we lose (because it does happen), we’ll commiserate with you and can reminisce about our favorite plays of the day over a cold one and a burger.


Stop Watching Sports Alone

Next time you’re ready to watch the big game, leave the living room for movie night. Head to your neighborhood Sam’s and enjoy your favorite local craft beer at Denver’s favorite diner. We’re fans, too and it’s always more fun when you can cheer your team on with a crowd.