Brunch So Hard…on a Budget! The Secret to a Cheap Brunch at Sam’s in Denver

Brunch. It’s our favorite event of the week. But if you’ve lived in Denver, you know that finding a cheap brunch can be almost impossible. It seems like everywhere you go, brunch will cost you more than $50 per person. But that doesn’t mean you can’t brunch hard without blowing your budget. Here’s how to get a cheap brunch at Denver’s favorite diner without sacrificing the things you enjoy most.


Splurge on Drinks

Let’s be honest…cheap brunch is a failure if you can’t enjoy your favorite beverages. So, make your cocktails the focus of your brunch experience. Just keep things on the cheaper side. Stick with the classics like a Bloody Mary or a mimosa. One is plenty to help you unwind and they’ll cost less than the fancier boozy beverages with more complicated recipes. If you have your heart set on something a bit fancier, just downgrade the alcohol. Get call liquor instead of top-shelf. It’s still good. We promise.


Split a Dish

Some restaurants have a weird thing when it comes to sharing plates. We don’t get it. Brunch is a time to try new food and the best way to enjoy it is by sharing it with others. Split one of our bigger dishes like our MASSIVE breakfast burritos or our 4-egg omelets. You’ll leave full and you’ll spend less, giving you a cheap brunch in Denver that can’t be beat.


Stock Up on the Sides

Sometimes, you’re starving and a cheap brunch just won’t satisfy your hunger. So, why not order a few sides to complement your split entrée? Between the breakfast potatoes, bacon, and heart-healthy fruit platters, you’ll be able to fill up without breaking the bank. And you know what that means…more money left over for an extra mimosa or two!


Consider It an Investment in Your Future

When you head to a normal restaurant for cheap brunch, you get small portions that you need a magnifying glass just to find on the plate. But at Denver’s favorite diner, you get tons of food. That means you’ll have plenty for later. You might be paying full-price for an entrée, but you’ll probably have enough leftovers to work for dinner later on. So…you know…two meals for the price of one!


Get Directions Today

Nothing is better than enjoying cheap brunch in Denver with all of your favorite people. Contact us to get directions to a location near you and brunch away!