We’ve got some great bars in the city. And whether you’re looking for an upscale cocktail or a simple craft beer, there’s no shortage of options. But what happens the morning after when you wake up with a pounding head, dry mouth, and a starving stomach that needs grease and needs it now? You reach for a breakfast burrito. Let’s be honest though…not all burritos are created equal. At Sam’s, we know only the best breakfast burrito will cure your hangover. Here are a few tried and true favorites.


Spero’s Burrito

What do you get when you combine scrambled eggs, home fries, and a flour tortilla? Heaven. But when you add our pork green chili and top the beast with melty cheese, you have a guaranteed cure for those gnarly mornings after. You can make it perfect by adding ham, bacon, or sausage for that added protein boost.


Burrito Supreme

You went all-out last night. Go all-out this morning with the burrito supreme. You’ll get a flour tortilla stuffed with eggs cooked to order, home fries, and a generous helping of green chili. But we’ll throw in the kitchen sink too…think ham, sausage, bacon, and gyro meat wrapped up in floury deliciousness. You’re practically guaranteed to be rid of your hangover by the time you’re done eating this massive burro.


Vegetarian Burrito

Some nights out mean binging on burgers and all sorts of delicious treats alongside your flight or four of beers. When that happens, your hangover cure needs to be a bit on the healthier side. Our vegetarian take on the best breakfast burrito in Denver lets you do just that. On top of our base of eggs and home fries, you’ll get perfectly cooked onion, spinach, mushrooms, bell pepper, and ripe tomato. We then cover the thing in green chili to burn away the remnants of last night’s binge.


Smacdown Burrito

Spice, cheese, and meat is the cure for every monster hangover. Our Smacdown burrito combines them all. We add chorizo, tater tots, and our house-made mac and cheese to our massive tortillas. Then, we roll it and smother it with green chili. The result: your saving grace from those woozy mornings.


Have a monster hangover? Stop by Sam’s and let us show you how the best breakfast burrito in Denver can blast through those rough mornings. You’ll feel better after the first bite and by the time you’re done, your hangover will be a thing of the past.