Tricks & Treats – Our Denver Diner’s Best Kept Secrets

Fall is starting to come to the Denver area. And that means one thing: pumpkin spice! Just kidding…It means Halloween is almost here! At Sam’s, we’re no stranger to playing tricks on each other. But we’ve been known to play a few tricks on our menu as well. Check out some of our most surprising and delectable tricks and treats available only at your favorite Denver diner.

Our Tricks

Just because we’re a diner doesn’t mean we necessarily THINK like the average Denver diner. We’ve got loads of tricks up our sleeves to delight your taste buds and make every dish a pleasant surprise. If you’re not saying “wow!” with your first bite, we’re not doing it right!

  • Not Just Any Green Chile: We only use the best ingredients. And while Pueblo tries to produce the best green chile, their peppers just don’t hold up against New Mexico Certified green chile. That’s right…we get our chile straight from Hatch, NM. It’s the best, the most flavorful, and the hottest around.
  • Farm-Fresh Eggs: Have you ever bitten into a breakfast burrito to discover a strange powdery or chalky taste on your tongue? That’s because you’ve been tricked into eating processed “egg product” instead of the real deal. We want to trick you in a good way. That’s why we only use farm-fresh eggs in all of our egg dishes.
  • Souvlaki: If someone told you that you could get the best Greek food at a simple Denver diner, you’d probably laugh in their face. It would make a good joke…if it wasn’t true. At Sam’s, we’re in touch with our Greek roots and incorporate house-made souvlaki into some surprising breakfast burritos, scrambles, and sammies.

Our Treats

Yeah, we like playing pranks on your taste buds and expectations. But we’re sweet, too.

  • Mexican Coffee: We take Kahlua, tequila, and fresh-brewed coffee, add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and serve the concoction in a sugar-rimmed glass. There’s no shame in having ice cream for brunch…
  • Cinna-Monster Roll: Sometimes, you just want something decadent, sweet, and messy as all get-out. Our cinna-monster roll fits the bill. Fresh-baked, packed with sugar, cinnamon, and drizzled in ooey-gooey icing. For an added layer of decadence, add caramel and pecans.

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Feeling hungry yet? Stop by the best diner in Denver and satisfy your craving for something sweet, savory, or just plain delicious! No matter what you order, we promise you’ll love it.