Our Best Bloody Mary’s for Celebrating National Vodka Day in Denver

October 4 is National Vodka Day and there’s no better place to celebrate than at your neighborhood Sam’s No. 3! While we have a full range of delicious vodka-heavy cocktails, we’re quite partial to the brunch classic, the Bloody Mary. We’ve got some of the best Bloody Mary drinks in Denver on our menu. So, toast the day with one of these delicious concoctions.

The Classic Bloody Mary

It’s a brunch classic for a reason: everyone loves it. Our famous classic bloody features our house mix. We can’t divulge the ingredients…it’s top secret! But one thing we do know is everyone loves it. We add a generous helping of our favorite Deep Eddy vodka to the mix, pour it over ice in a massive 20 oz glass, and give it a stir. We keep things classic by garnishing with a stalk of celery and a wedge of juicy lime to add that little extra kick. It’s regarded by many to be the best Bloody Mary Denver has ever known (true story).

The Loaded Bloody Mary

The classic keeps things light. But this one is practically an appetizer on its own. We use our top-secret bloody mix and Deep Eddy vodka as the base. Like the classic, we add lime and a celery stalk to the glass. But we know you want something to munch on before your food arrives. So, we add a strip of perfectly crunchy bacon, a whole pepperoncini, a green olive, and a crisp pickle spear. Think of it as a salad in a glass. But better, because, you know…vodka.

3 Alarm Bloody

In Denver, we know we have a lot of spicy food lovers. For some, our Kickin’ Green Chili is enough to satisfy the urge for a delicious slow burn. But for other diners, it’s not enough heat. That’s where our 3 Alarm Bloody can pick up the slack. Our top-secret mix gets mixed with BOTH of our famous house hot sauces. It’s enough to be a real kick in the nose. To take the edge off the straight-up fire in your mouth, we add a little sweet heat from sriracha. The drink is garnished with jalapeno and all the standard goodies. If your allergies are bothering you, this is the best Bloody Mary in Denver to clear out your sinuses and help you relax!

Visit Sam’s for the Best Bloody Mary’s in Denver!

Whether you’re a fan of the classics or want to try something new, Sam’s has the best Bloody Mary Denver has to offer. Stop by today and try one for yourself.