Bacon, Brunch & Beer: Why Sam’s No. 3 Is the Best Hangover Cure in Denver

Hangovers suck, but when you have a hangover in Denver, the altitude makes things that much worse. You know the feeling—the light hurts your eyes, your body feels like you got hit by a truck, and your mouth tastes like you ate a pound of cotton balls the night before. While you can power through and force yourself to get out of bed, you’re then faced with a new dilemma: dealing with those unpleasant hangover symptoms. You need Denver’s best hangover cure: Sam’s No. 3.

Restart Your Day with Bacon

Simply put, bacon is the best food in the world. When it’s cooked up crispy and served alongside perfectly cooked hash browns, your hangover starts to fade into the background immediately. Instead of that gross dry mouth you’ve coped with all morning, you’ll taste the delicious flavors of thick-cut bacon. And you know what? You’ll start craving more the minute it hits your tongue. That means your dry mouth will be a thing of the past.

Fill Up on the Good Stuff

Chances are that you didn’t eat much the night before and that’s making your hangover after visiting Denver’s best bars that much worse. After all, those handfuls of nuts you snagged when ordering your drinks just aren’t filling enough to make up for the fact that you were out partying hard.

At Sam’s, we’ll fill that gnawing void in your gut with a brunch you’ll dream about well into the week. Choose a loaded skillet dish to soak up the last remaining bits of alcohol or opt for a breakfast burrito to take the edge off your hunger. If you need something sweet, an order of Vienna French Toast will get you back up and running in no time.

Hair of the Dog Works Wonders

Guys, we’re not saying water isn’t important. By all means, guzzle down a few glasses when you take your seat. But it’s not always enough to stop that pounding ache in your head. Our craft beer selection, mimosas, and fresh brewed coffee will do the trick and will kick your Denver-sized hangover to the curb. Just try to drink a glass of water for every glass of other beverages you enjoy.


Get Directions

If you’re nursing a hangover that makes waiting in Denver rush hour sound pleasant, don’t tough it out at home. Head on down to your neighborhood Sam’s No. 3 and indulge the best breakfast, brunch, and lunch that Denver has to offer.