Searching for Food Near Me? 3 Reasons to STOP and Head to Sam’s in Denver Instead

How often have you found yourself staring at your phone, scrolling through a crazy long list of search results for “food near me?” If you’re like most people, it happens anytime you’re craving something that’s not in your fridge. But scrolling through those search results doesn’t help you satisfy your hunger, slake your thirst, or reach a compromise with your friends and family—it just makes your choice that much harder. Spare yourself the trouble of mindless scrolling and head to your neighborhood Sam’s No. 3! Here’s why.


  1. We’ve Got Something for Everyone

Those search results for “food near me” often bring up drastically different types of restaurants. And when you’re craving something particular, that’s fine, but what happens when your friends or loved ones don’t want what you do? You’re up a creek. At Sam’s, we’ve got something for everyone, whether you’re craving breakfast for dinner or want a hearty salad that’ll fill you up. We’ve even got choices for the picky eaters in your group. That’s right…vegetarians, paleo aficionados, and gluten-sensitive diners can find something they’ll love.


  1. Craft Beer and Cocktails…Need We Say More?

Let’s face it. Denver has some of the best craft beer in the world, but that doesn’t mean you get a great selection at every restaurant. At Sam’s, we think quenching your thirst is just as important as filling you up. That’s why we’ve got an extensive list of local and craft beers as well as delectable cocktails and mimosas for diners who prefer something a little stronger. Not a huge fan of booze? Our house-made espresso drinks will wake you up and give you the energy you need to get through the day.


  1. It Won’t Break the Bank

Restaurants in Denver are pricey, even when they say they’re not. Unfortunately, this can put some serious pressure on your monthly budget. But at Sam’s, we know that when you’re looking for “food near me” you’re not looking for a pricey Michelin star restaurant—you’re looking for something you can afford, something filling, and something fast. Our food is affordable, but you can make it super cheap if you order the right dishes.


Stop by Sam’s No. 3 Today

The next time you find yourself looking for “food near me,” put the phone down, hop in the car, and stop in at Sam’s. Our full menu has something for everyone and our staff will make sure you enjoy your dining experience. Call today to get directions.