Why “Wings at Sam’s” Should Be at the Top of Your To-Do List – Best Wings in Denver

There are few things better than a fresh basket of wings served alongside an ice-cold beer. But let’s face it—some places just leave you wishing you’d settled on going hungry. At Sam’s, we have some of the best wings in Denver. And ordering them should be at the top of your to-do list at least once a month. Here’s why.


Our Wings Are Made to Order

Unlike those other guys, we cook every batch of our Denver wings to order. That means you get super fresh, piping hot, and super juicy wings every time. We know that nothing sucks more than biting into a wing only to feel like you’re chewing shoe leather! Order by the dozen or two. There’s enough to split with a friend if you feel like being generous.


Craft Beer On Tap

At home, you’re stuck drinking beer from a bottle. It works, but it’s not the same as enjoying a fresh pour covered with a thick head of foam. At Sam’s we’ve got some of the best Colorado craft brews on tap and experienced bartenders who know how to pour them just right. And it’s always cold making it the perfect companion to your order of buffalo wings.


Sports…Need We Say More?

In Denver, wings and sports are a winning combination. We’ve got so many sports teams based right in the Mile High City that it’s hard not to find something to geek out over. At Sam’s, we put our large-screen TVs to good use and play our home teams’ games whenever they’re on. You’re free to order anything on our menu, but we think it should always start with a basket of wings.


We’ve Got Options for the Wings Haters Out There

We know you’re not always with like-minded people. And for whatever reason, some strange individuals fail to appreciate the humble chicken wing coated in buffalo sauce and dipped in your favorite dressing. We’ve got you covered. Our menu has something for everyone, even those who aren’t wild about wings. We won’t judge, but you’re free to.


Stop By Sam’s Today

Sure, you could order a pizza and watch the game from home. But why settle for lame delivery options when you don’t have to? Instead, head over to your neighborhood Sam’s and enjoy some of Denver’s best wings, cooked to order and guaranteed to satisfy your craving. Whether you’re dining alone or bringing a friend, you’ll be treated like family.