Tis the Season to Brunch – 4 Reasons to Visit Sam’s this Holiday Season

The holidays are the perfect time to spend time with those you love. But you don’t always have time to cook or feel like cleaning up the kitchen after a large meal. Sometimes, you just want to be able to enjoy the best brunch in Denver without having to deal with that massive pile of dishes in the sink. At Sam’s, we’re here to help. Here’s why you should brunch with us this holiday season.


1.We’ll Help You Warm Up

Denver weather gets cold and on those snowy mornings, the air can feel bitter. When those temps drop, you need a way to warm up. We’ve got you covered. Start your day with a hot beverage. Our full line of espresso drinks and warm boozy drinks will take the chill out of those bitterly cold mornings. When you’re ready to enjoy the best brunch in Denver, our Kickin’ Green Chili will help you warm up from the inside out.


  1. It’s a Family Friendly Environment

The holidays are about coming together as a family and we wouldn’t have the best brunch in Denver if we didn’t welcome diners of all ages. We’ve got something for everyone, from people with dietary restrictions to kids who just want to enjoy something sweet. We won’t stare at you if you snort when you laugh or your kids blow bubbles in their chocolate milk. It’s about togetherness and having fun.


  1. Sam’s Can Introduce Out-of-Towners to Denver Fare

As a local, you know that green chili is life. Your guests, however, might not feel the same. Worse, they might even be intimidated by it! Introduce them to the glory that is Certified New Mexican Green Chile at Sam’s. They can try it as a side, order a smothered burrito, or stick with something more traditional. It’s up to them, but either way, you’ll still be able to enjoy the chili you love.


  1. Booze It Up

What is brunch without a cocktail? Boring…that’s what. No matter what you choose to order (or what time brunch happens for you and yours), you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious mimosa, sip on a margarita, or pretend you’re brunching on a tropical island with one of our signature cocktails.


Brunch Hard this Holiday Season

When you’re craving the best brunch in Denver, why go anywhere else? Stop by your closest Sam’s and enjoy a homestyle meal that everyone will love.