Why Locals Agree that Sam’s Makes the Best Hot Toddy in Denver

Denver weather gets chilly fast. When it does, the last thing you want to do is bundle up and head to a local brewery just to sip on ice-cold beer. You need something to warm you up and nothing hits the spot like a hot toddy. It’s warming long after you finish the drink and is the perfect way to cope with those cold weather blues. There are tons of different variations out there, but Denver locals know that Sam’s makes the best hot toddy in the Mile High City. Here’s what sets ours apart.


We Skip the Lemon

Lemon is the cornerstone of the traditional toddy recipe and we understand why. It’s high in Vitamin C, brightens up the taste of the liquor, and it’s just plain easy to find at all times. The truth is, plain lemon is just boring.


Instead, we start our toddies off with a base of mandarin orange tea. The sweetness of the orange makes the citrus notes shine and the tea’s perfectly balanced blend of spices and flavors warms you up from the inside out. It’s tasty enough to drink on its own!


Your Choice of Whiskey

When you order a hot toddy in Denver, many bars and restaurants use whatever whiskey is the cheapest. At Sam’s, we know that all whiskeys taste different and while we’re happy to make recommendations, we don’t believe in pushing particular flavors on anyone. Order your choice of whiskey in your hot toddy and sip without shame! We might look at you with a little concern if you put top-shelf whiskey in a toddy…fair warning.


The Right Add-Ins

Standard hot toddies are simple—they consist of lemon juice, black tea, honey, and a generous pour of whiskey. At Sam’s, we take things to a new level. You’ll still get that perfect bit of sweet and citrus that you expect from a hot toddy, but instead of simply garnishing the cocktail with a bit of lemon peel, we add a perfectly fragrant cinnamon stick. As if that’s not enough, we also place a pat of butter in the mix, making the drink a truly rich and delicious indulgence.


Head to Sam’s Today

Why settle for a boring hot toddy in Denver when you don’t have to? Stop by one of our convenient locations and order our signature toddy today. We promise it’ll warm you up and take the edge off any wintertime stress you might be feeling.