Sometimes, you just want a platter full of eggs first thing in the morning. Others, you want a nice juicy steak cooked perfectly and served to you with a cup of coffee. Luckily, finding steak and eggs on the menu at many of Denver’s restaurants is fairly easy, but finding good steak and eggs is a challenge. When the craving hits, the last thing you want is something subpar. So, what makes great steak and eggs? At Sam’s, we’ve got the answer.

Our Steak and Eggs Are Cooked to Order

Some restaurants cook several steaks ahead of time and leave those delicious slabs of meat sitting under a heat lamp. This dries the steak out and leaves you feeling like you’re chewing on old shoe leather. At Sam’s, we actually want you to enjoy what you’re eating. That’s why we cook Denver’s famous steak and eggs to order. Just tell your server what your preferred temperature is when you order and you’ll get a steak that satisfies your craving completely.

We Use Farm-Fresh Eggs

Is there anything worse than cheap eggs? We don’t think so. They taste chalky at best and inedible at worst. No steak deserves to be served alongside cheap and low-grade eggs and you’ll never find it in our diner. We take care to only use farm-fresh eggs that have actual flavor and cook them the way you want them. Whether you want ‘em perfectly poached or scrambled, we’ll prepare them right every time. After all, you’re ordering steak and eggs in Denver. Your eggs can’t be disappointing!

We’ve Got Options

When you think of steak and eggs, you think of a large platter served at your favorite Denver diner. It’s simple, well-seasoned, and delicious. But sometimes, you want something a little different. At Sam’s, you can get steak and eggs in different ways. Order our steak breakfast burrito and get the perfect combination of tender steak, fluffy eggs, and filling potatoes wrapped in a tortilla and served with our Kickin’ Green Chile. Go for a steak fajita omelet and load up on a veggie-filled and steak-heavy dish served with our famous house salsa.

Get Your Steak and Eggs Fix Now

If you’ve got a Denver-sized craving for steak and eggs, don’t ignore it. Head to your favorite Sam’s No. 3 location today. No matter how you want it cooked, we’ll make sure it’s perfect and satisfies your craving every time.