When you think of classic brunch cocktails, you probably think of the two most popular drinks out there: the mimosa and the Bloody Mary. Sometimes, a Bloody is just what you need to relax, unwind, and enjoy your brunch to the fullest. You’ll still need food though. So, what should you order? Here are a few of our best Bloody Mary and brunch combos.

6 of the Best Bloody Mary Brunch Combos to Try at Sam’s

Next time you’re at Sam’s, let us make you one of these fantastic combinations.

1. Loaded Bloody Mary and Smoked Salmon Caesar Salad

Our loaded Bloody is packed with all the goodness of our classic—Deep Eddy vodka and our house mix, but we garnish it with celery, lime, olive, pepperoncini, a pickle, and a slice of bacon. It’s best to order something light to go with it, like our smoked salmon Caesar.

2. 3 Alarm Bloody and Biscuits and Gravy

Our 3 Alarm Bloody is the best Bloody Mary for spice-lovers. Our classic base is jazzed up with sriracha and our house-made hot sauce for a pleasantly eye-watering burn. We recommend ordering biscuits and gravy to help cool things down.

3. Patron Bloody Maria and Huevos Rancheros

Our Patron Bloody swaps vodka for tequila, making it the perfect partner to our Huevos Rancheros. The tequila enhances the flavors of our famous Kickin’ Pork Green Chile.

4. Classic Bloody Mary and the Avalanche Omelet

When you’re looking to keep things simple, our classic Bloody does the trick. Deep Eddy vodka and our house mix pairs wonderfully with our Avalanche omelet full of diced bacon, onion, bell pepper, and American cheese.

5. Patron Bloody Maria and the Cowboy Benedict

Tequila and steak? This is exactly what you’ll get when you combine our Bloody Maria with the Cowboy Benedict. Fresh grilled-to-order steak, sliced and served on top of grilled red onion and tomato slices, and topped with hollandaise. YUM!

6. 3 Alarm Bloody and Chile Rellenos and Eggs

When you can’t get enough spice in your life, order our 3 Alarm Bloody with our chile rellenos and eggs. The spice of the bloody will add to the flavor of the fried and cheese filled poblano peppers. You won’t regret it.

Make the Best of the Best Bloody Marys in Denver

Stop by your neighborhood Sam’s No. 3 and order the best Bloody Mary you’ve ever had. Just make sure to pair it with one of these fantastic dishes—it’s an experience your taste buds won’t forget.