Denver is an incredibly diverse city, but no matter what our backgrounds are, we can all come together when it comes to supporting our local teams. While you can watch the game at home, it’s not always practical. You don’t have to settle for watching sports on T.V. at home. In fact, you shouldn’t! Here are a few reasons some of Denver’s top sports enthusiasts head to Sam’s for game day.

We Don’t Mind the Noise

Sports fans are enthusiastic. They celebrate when teams score and they cheer on players as they make their moves. If you’re doing this at home while the kids are studying or your significant other is napping, you’ll get in serious trouble. At Sam’s, we don’t mind the noise. We might even join in!

You Won’t Get Your Kitchen Dirty

What goes better together than games and food? If you’re watching sports on T.V. at home, you’re going to have to plan ahead, buy ingredients, and spend time in the kitchen making those game day snacks you love. Worse, you have to clean up after the fact! When you head to Sam’s No. 3, you won’t have to worry about that mess at home. Your kitchen will be just as clean as you left it, but you’ll still get to enjoy those wings, nachos, or fries while the game is on.

Multiple Games, Multiple Screens, No Dilemmas

Let’s be real…it’s incredibly unlikely that you have multiple T.V.s at home in the same room. This makes it tough to watch more than one game when they’re happening at the same time. No one wants to spend the game flipping channels! At Sam’s, we’ve got multiple T.V. screens and can play more than one game at a time.

Enough Drinks to Go Around

Nothing is worse than running out of drinks when you’re in the middle of the game. When you catch the game at Sam’s, you can order whatever you feel like without fear. Our craft beer game is strong, we’ve got tons of cocktails to choose from, and our soft drink selection is stellar! You won’t have a problem finding something to wet your whistle.

Head to Sam’s for the Next Game

If you’re looking for a place to watch sports on T.V., don’t waste your time trying to convince your friends to let you use their living room. Head to your nearest Sam’s No. 3 and watch the game with us!