Finally, the best time of year has arrived. Summer in Denver can be hot, but it’s also a great time to explore new sights, indulge a little, and make memories. That’s why visiting our Denver diner should be at the top of your summer to-do list.

We know, we know… summer is the time of year when most people start dieting like crazy. But you’re not like most people. And after all, who really wants to spend the best time of year sitting in a dark corner munching on celery and slowly wasting away? No one, that’s who.


When it’s summer, you need food that can keep you energized and ready for all the adventuring and exploring you’re doing. We’re talking french fries, buffalo wings, sandwiches, pancakes, and, of course, breakfast burritos! 


5 Reasons Why It Would Be Crazy to Not Eat at Sam’s No. 3 This Summer

Relax, Denver. The good weather’s here and you can finally enjoy yourself. That means it’s time to partake in one of the activities you love most… eating! Here’s five reasons why you’d be crazy to not visit Sam’s No. 3 this summer. 


1. We’ve got all your favorite libations.

Alcohol… so you can still look like an adult, but feel like a kid. Because after all, summer’s not just for the youngsters! Enjoy yourself with one of our ice cold Colorado beers, spicy Bloody Marys, or classic cocktails


2. Hangover cures galore!!

The sun’s up longer, so you can be out later. But sometimes, you may get a little too carried away. Don’t sweat it; we’ve got you covered! Stop by and enjoy our delicious hangover food in Denver.


3. Did someone say burrito?

Ask anyone in town… we’re the burrito kings! From hearty breakfast burritos to delicious lunch and dinner options, we’ve got tons of choices. But be prepared, these burritos are so big, you might want to invite someone along to share with.


4. Ethnic flavors

From Mexican breakfasts to gyro sandwiches, we’ve got ethnic flavors galore!


5. The portions are perfect. And by that, we mean huge!

When it comes to food our philosophy is go big or go home! Our super-sized portions guarantee full satisfaction every time. 


Place Your Order at Denver’s Best Diner

Treat yourself and your taste buds to something delicious this summer. Order from Sam’s No. 3, Denver’s most famous diner, today! Our friendly staff can’t wait to meet you and serve you a delicious summertime meal!