Admit it…you don’t want to cook every meal you eat seven days a week. That takes time, effort, and leaves your kitchen looking like a tornado went through it. Worse, you can’t guarantee that the entire family will want your great grandmother’s tuna casserole just because you forgot to go to the store and stock up on ingredients after a long day of work. Instead, you want something convenient, easy, and delicious. If you’re reaching for your phone to pull up “places to eat near me,” save yourself the trouble. Order takeout (or delivery) from Sam’s No. 3.

Why Order To Go Food from Sam’s in Denver?

Feeling hungry Denver? Order to go food from Sam’s No. 3! Our to-go meals and goodies are the best

We’ve Got Something to Satisfy Every Craving

Ordering takeout or delivery means everyone in your house is going to have to order from the same restaurant. If you all agree on what you want, this is relatively easy, but what happens if you’re craving breakfast for dinner while everyone else wants to indulge in some traditional Greek cuisine? You have to compromise…unless you order from Sam’s. We’ve got something for everyone, no matter what you’re craving.

It’s Fast

Getting food quickly when you’re starving and don’t want to deal with the hassle of cooking is paramount. We’ll make sure to get your order out quickly, so it’s still piping hot when you get to the restaurant to pick it up. We know that the sooner you can get your food, the happier your family will be.

Our Cocktails Are Delicious…and Portable

When you start searching for “places to eat near me,” most of your options will be delicious, but the menus will be limited. When you want to enjoy a cocktail that you don’t have to make yourself, you’ll want to order from the best. When you order food to-go, you can pick up your favorite cocktail to enjoy alongside it.

You Can Teach Yourself a New Skill

Let’s face it…cooking is hard, but the more practice you get, the faster your skills will improve. Our Family Meals for 4 will give you access to the same quality ingredients we use and gives you a chance to try your hand at cooking without having to come up with a recipe yourself.

Stop Mindlessly Scrolling Through Take-Out Menus

If you’re searching for “places to eat near me,” save yourself the trouble of browsing through menu after menu. Order from Sam’s and enjoy your favorite dishes from the comfort of your living room. Don’t have a car? That’s okay! We offer delivery through DoorDash!