Is there anything better than a cool, crisp, and refreshing salad for lunch on a hot summer afternoon? We don’t think so. It’s the perfect way to stay healthy while still indulging in delicious and flavorful ingredients. At least, it is when you order the best salads in Denver. Our salads are meant to be meals on their own and we promise that when you order one of our veg-filled dishes, you won’t be disappointed. Here are a few of our house favorites to tempt your taste buds now. 

3 Salads to Try at Denver’s Favorite Diner

Our salads are anything but plain. The next time you place an order, try one of these great dishes.

1. Fiesta Salad

Do you sometimes find yourself in the mood for tacos, but your diet has you banned from eating them? We know how that goes. That’s why our Fiesta salad exists. You’ll get a large helping of mixed greens, black olives, diced tomato, cheddar cheese, and guacamole served with tortilla chips and our famous green chili. If you want an added boost of protein, order it with taco meat or lean grilled chicken breast!

2. Mr. Sam’s Cobb Salad

When you’re extra-hungry, but still want to get your veg on, our cobb salad will do the trick. Our mixed greens get topped with sliced turkey, chunks of ham, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles. As if that wasn’t enough to make your mouth water, we also give you a hard-boiled egg, sliced tomato, cucumber, black olives, and a freshly sliced avocado and top the whole thing with your preferred dressing. Honestly, it’s big enough to split, but why share when you can have it all to yourself?

3. Chicken Souvlaki Caesar Salad

Caesar salads are always better with chicken, but we ditch the bland grilled chicken breasts most restaurants use and give you our house-made chicken souvlaki instead. It’s loaded with flavor and is never dry so you’ll enjoy every bite you take. You won’t be able to go back to those standard chicken Caesar salads again.

Eat Your Veggies

Eating right and staying healthy means eating plenty of fresh vegetables every day. That doesn’t mean you have to suffer through the experience. Try one of our salads and see for yourself why they’re becoming Denver’s favorite healthy(ish) options. Don’t worry—if you also order a side of fries or a whole burger, we won’t think less of you.