Denver has some of the best local craft beer in the country and with dozens of breweries to choose from without leaving the city, it’s no surprise. Arguably, one of the most popular ways to pass the weekends is brewery hopping throughout the city, but what if we told you it’s not the BEST way to spend your weekend? Instead of heading to your favorite taproom, head to Sam’s! Here’s why you should make Sam’s your go-to spot for craft beer enjoyment. 

We’ve Got More Options

When you go to a brewery, you’re limited to the beer they offer. Sure, it’s still local craft beer from Denver, but what happens if they’re out of your favorite lager and only have dark beers on tap? You’re out of luck! At Sam’s, we have tons of great beers from the same local breweries you love and some you don’t get to drive to as often as you’d like. You’re free to switch up your brews without having to change locations!

We’ve Got Food

How many times have you gone to a brewery to enjoy Denver’s best local craft beer only to have to leave as soon as you realize you’re hungry? Waiting in line at food trucks and having to chow down on those tiny portions of food isn’t the best way to spend your money or your time. At Sam’s, you’ll be able to order off of our full menu. We guarantee that you won’t leave hungry and that means you’ll be able to enjoy more great brews!

There’s Something for Those Non-Beer Lovers

Inevitably, someone in your group won’t have a passion for local craft beer, no matter which Denver brewery you go to. This can make it hard for them to enjoy their time hanging out with everyone. At Sam’s, we’ve got way more than just beer. We’ve got cider, wine, cocktails, coffee, and soft drinks that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest drinkers. No more disappointment means you’ll feel less rushed and can focus on enjoying the nuances of your favorite beer.

Order a Cold One Today

If you’re looking to experience the best local craft beer in Denver, don’t waste your time going to the brewery. Head to Sam’s or place an order online and get your favorite beer served alongside your favorite food every time. Our beer is fresh and our food is always cooked to order.