Why is it that watching the big game almost always leaves you feeling hungover the next day? Sure, it could be due to the copious amounts of beer and junk food that you consume during the event, but that doesn’t make it fair. You deserve to be able to enjoy the day after and that means you need a hangover cure, NOW. Nothing cures your hangover in Denver like chorizo. So, what is this mysterious yet delicious meat that gets incorporated into your favorite breakfast dishes?

What the Heck Is Chorizo?

Simply put, chorizo is a super seasoned sausage that we add to many of our Denver diner’s best dishes. It’s packed full of spice, garlic, and chiles that add to the flavor of the rest of your meal. Think spicy, but not overwhelming. Think flavor enhancer rather than dominating. It’s like our Kickin’ Pork Green Chili. You can put it on anything and the food is instantly made better.

What Makes Our Chorizo the Best Hangover Cure in Denver

You want tons of flavor when you’re hungover. It’s what makes those meals tempting to eat in the first place. Our Denver-famous chorizo packs on the flavor, keeping your taste buds interested in the food you’re staring at. Even better, it’s got the perfect ratio of fat that, when combined with cheese, potatoes, eggs, and your choice of chile, almost instantly settles your stomach and makes you feel more awake.

How to Order It

When it comes to the best chorizo in Denver, there’s no right or wrong way to order it. Add it as a side dish with your favorite benedict. Order a skillet packed with a generous helping of the spicy sausage. Get it wrapped up in a burrito to add a bit of kick to your good old breakfast standard. Celebrate Taco Tuesday with chorizo tacos. The options are endless and you’re able to add the sausage to your favorite hangover cure as needed. Just make sure to add a healthy dose of our Kickin’ Pork Green Chili to the mix.

Save Yourself the Pounding Headache!

Instead of nursing your hangover at home, head over to Sam’s and order your favorite dish with the best chorizo in Denver. We’ll whip something up that will leave you feeling like the night before was nothing more than a bad dream. Join our waitlist to dine in or place an order to-go.