The Quarantine Fifteen is a real problem. With workplaces going remote and gyms getting shuttered for the last few months, staying fit and healthy wasn’t easy. Lots of us let things slide. After all, no one was around to see you eat that entire extra-large pizza for lunch on Fridays. Now that things are opening up, it’s time to get your beach bod back on track. Here are a few great low carb breakfast options to try at Denver’s best diner.

Colorado Cut Ribeye Steak and Eggs

One of the biggest benefits of sticking to low carb breakfasts in Denver is that you’re able to enjoy a large cut of hand-cut steak without feeling guilty about it. We cook our beautifully marbled steak to order (we recommend medium to medium-rare) and serve it alongside your choice of eggs. It’s packed with protein and has virtually no carbs, so you’re free to cheat a little with a breakfast potato if you feel like it.

Chicken Souvlaki and Eggs

We make our souvlaki in-house every day and that means you’re getting authentic Greek goodness every time you order. It’s low carb and comes with red onion and tomato which you’re free to skip if you’re sticking to your guns. Our house-made tzatziki sauce cools things off without adding those unwanted carbs.

Popeye Omelet

If you’re in the mood for something light no the meat, the Popeye Omelet is your go-to. This low carb breakfast option has 4 eggs for a nice punch of protein, diced bacon, spinach, and sharp cheddar cheese. Though you’re free to choose a carb-heavy breakfast side, you can keep it Keto by swapping your breakfast potato for cottage cheese or adding an extra egg.

Chorizo and Eggs

When you want Mexican food but still need Denver’s best low carb breakfast options at your disposal, you don’t have to settle. Our Chorizo and Eggs comes with our delicious chorizo patties, two eggs cooked to order, and your choice of side. That’s right…add cottage cheese and an extra egg to keep things on the healthy end.

We’ve Got Your Low Carb Commitment Covered

Following a diet takes tons of commitment and determination, but we have faith in you. You can conquer the Quarantine Fifteen in no time flat! Don’t worry about going out and having to settle for subpar low carb breakfast in Denver. Order at Sam’s and eat food that you’ll actually enjoy.