There’s a reason that bacon is everyone’s favorite breakfast food. It adds flavor, texture, and umami to just about every dish you put it in. That said, how do you know which dishes can benefit from a bit of pork belly and which ones should be left alone? The truth is that bacon can (and should) go with just about every single dish, but here are a few of our favorite ways to add a bit of bacon goodness to your meal at your Denver diner

Embrace It in Your Cocktail

Breweries put bacon in beer so why not add it to your cocktail, too? Our loaded Bloody Mary is the perfect way to get your buzz on while enjoying a crunchy bit of bacon on the side. It’s part of our standard garnish on the loaded version of this brunchtime classic. You don’t even have to ask for it.

Top Your Chiliburger

Our Red Number 3 Chiliburger has a reputation for being one of Denver’s best burgers, but we know that bacon makes it better. Add 3 strips of extra-crispy bacon to your already delicious burger when you order. It enhances the flavor and spice of the chili and makes the American cheese taste better than you remember from childhood.

Add It on the Side

Think bacon doesn’t go with Denver’s best sweet breakfast items? Think again! Order your preferred pancake or French toast platter and get some bacon on the side. Seriously…sometimes too much sweet stuff gets cloying. You need the bacon to break things up and give your taste buds a palate cleanser.

Stuff Your Burrito

A breakfast burrito without bacon is a true tragedy. Spare yourself the disappointment and make sure your breakfast burrito has a generous helping of bacon wrapped up inside the tortilla. We recommend the Poppa’s Big as a House Burrito with six eggs and every breakfast meat you could want folded up inside. If you’re not super hungry, try the Avalanche. It’s smaller, but still full of the bacon goodness you want. You can even order more bacon on the side if you just can’t get enough.

Bacon Belongs on Everything!!

The truth is that bacon belongs on everything from your favorite Denver diner. Order a generous helping on the side or grab a dish that already has bacon in the ingredients list. Whatever you’re craving, we’ve got it. Reserve a table at your neighborhood Sam’s No. 3 today.