Breakfast cravings can happen at any time, but sometimes, the standard breakfast burrito or platter of eggs, sausage, and toast cooked to order just aren’t good enough. Sometimes, you want a sandwich piled high with your favorite breakfast goods. That calls for the best breakfast melt in Denver and ours is more than up to the task. It’s the perfect way to reward yourself after an all-night study session turned bender. So, what makes our melt supreme?

The Bread

When you go to a standard diner, you’re lucky to get offered more than one type of bread. If you don’t like whole wheat or white, you’re out of luck. We reward picky eaters by offering tons of options. Craving marble rye? Prefer sourdough? Forced to eat gluten-free? No problemo.

Our Eggs

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and ordered eggs only to cringe when they came out? That chalky taste and musty smell means only one thing: powdered eggs. You’re not eating in a college dining hall, so why would you subject your taste buds to that level of torture?! We think eggs should look and smell like eggs. We only use farm-fresh whole eggs in all of our dishes. It’s what makes our melt the best breakfast melt in Denver.

Super Melty Cheese

Melts deserve to be melty! Otherwise, they’re just a boring breakfast sandwich. We take the time to grill our bread so it’s lightly crunchy but still soft in the middle and that’s the perfect amount of heat to melt a thick layer of cheese over your eggs. You might just want to get your cholesterol checked afterward.

The Sides

What’s a sandwich without sides? Sad…that’s what. When you order the best breakfast melt in Denver, you deserve to have something that feels like a real breakfast and that means a full serving of your choice of breakfast meat and breakfast potatoes. There’s no way you’ll leave the table hungry after you order our melt. It’s just not possible.

Get Your Hands on One Today

The best breakfast melt in Denver deserves the best ingredients and the best ingredients are available at your neighborhood Sam’s No. 3. Don’t settle for a subpar breakfast sammie when you can indulge in something that you actually want to sink your teeth into. Reserve a table to enjoy your melt at your local Sam’s or place an order online to-go.