Watching the game—any game—alone in your living room is never fun. You need people to cheer with you, drink with you, and (when the Broncs lose) cry with you. At Sam’s, we’re huge fans of watching sports on T.V. at our Denver locations. If you’re looking for your next big gameday hangout spot, make our diner your new normal.

We’ve Upped Our Cleaning Standards

The COVID-19 pandemic sucks. It sucks for everyone and has forced hundreds of loyal sports fans into their darkened living rooms. That’s no way to spend the football season! We’ve upped our cleaning standards and even installed a superior air purification system to help keep germs, bacteria, and viruses at bay. In short, we care, and we want you to come cheer on your favorite team. And we’ll only razz you a little bit if that team is the Raiders.

You Can’t Have Beer Without Food

Any seasoned high-altitude dweller knows that beer and food go hand in hand. Even low ABV beers can take you by surprise if you’re not careful. While we know that it’s easy to get distracted when you’re watching sports on T.V. at your Denver diner, you deserve to remember the game. We’ve got some of the best wings in Denver so you can keep filing your pint glass without getting tipsy.

Our Screens Are Bigger Than Yours

Seriously, no one wants to watch sports on T.V. on a tiny screen or, worse, a cell phone. At Sam’s, we’ve got huge screens so you can actually see what’s happening without squinting at the T.V. Basically, we spent the money so you don’t have to piss your partner off by surprising them with a 60-inch widescreen monstrosity that takes up more than 75 percent of the wall in your studio apartment. We’re all about creating household bliss here. Not really. We just like sports.

Make Us Your Gameday Hangout!

When you want to watch sports on T.V. in Denver, there’s nowhere better to do it than at the best diner in town. Our screens are huge, the beer is fresh, and the food will keep you fueled up even if we lose the game. Stop by your nearest Sam’s No. 3 location and watch your team with fellow fans and sportsball geeks. Don’t worry—if you can’t make it in, you can still enjoy the wings. Place an order for pickup before the big day.