Thanksgiving Day leftovers tend to last way longer than you want them to. But once they’re in your fridge, you’re almost obligated to keep eating them. That leads to serious food burnout and, quite frankly, your tastebuds deserve better. You need a break—a refresher if you will. The best vegetarian chili in Denver is it. 

It Covers Up Bland, Dry Turkey

There are few things worse than dry days-old turkey. When you heat it up, it just turns to rubber and makes it almost impossible to chew let alone swallow. Instead of eating it plain, smother it with our vegetarian chili. The roasted green chile goodness combined with our secret seasoning blends will make even the blandest bird taste better than you thought possible. If you’re feeling a bit creative, you can even turn your leftover turkey into southwestern dishes that the entire family will eat happily. Whip up some enchiladas, make turkey tacos, build a turkey green chili stew. Whatever floats your boat and rocks your tastebuds is fine. 

You Can Add It to Anything

Denver’s best vegetarian chili is good enough to eat on its own, but it can breathe new life into those tired side dishes taking up space in your fridge and freezer. Make those boring mashed potatoes spicy and flavorful by stirring the chili into them. Cover your stuffing with the good stuff to rehydrate that crumbly cornbread. As long as you’re not smothering your leftover pumpkin pie, we won’t judge you. 

You’ll Actually Eat Your Leftovers… and Enjoy Them

Food waste is a big problem. If you’re like us, you feel guilty throwing out all those leftovers that you worked so hard to make in the first place. By smothering those dishes in our famous Kickin’ vegetarian chili, you’ll be able to avoid wasting all that delicious food and can even convince the kids to help you eat through the leftover containers taking up space on the shelves. Before you know it, you’ll have room in the fridge to accommodate those new groceries you’ve been dreaming of for the last week or two.

Order Denver’s Best Vegetarian Chili Today

Why settle for a side of vegetarian chili from your favorite Denver diner when you can order it by the gallon? Once you do, you’ll have more than enough chili on hand to deal with the buildup of leftovers in your kitchen. Place your order at your favorite location today.