When you think about going to a diner, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Is it classic omelets? Great coffee? Pancakes and waffles? Sure, those are all the hallmarks of traditional and delicious diner experience, what happens when you want something a bit more unique? You go Greek! At Sam’s, we’re proud to serve classic American diner favorites alongside our family’s famous Gyros in Denver. So, why would you want to swing by our place rather than hit up an overpriced Greek restaurant elsewhere in the city? We’re glad you asked.

Our Food Is Affordable

When you go to a diner, you expect large portions and tons of flavor at a price that doesn’t leave you wondering where your paycheck went. You should be able to have that same experience when you’re craving authentic Greek cuisine. Our Denver gyros are big enough to fill you up and affordable enough that you can justify ordering one anytime the craving hits. Even better, you’ll still have room in your budget for a few delicious sides or dessert.

It’s Authentic

There are tons of posers in the Denver food scene. Sure, some of them come close to creating a good gyro, but they’re not the real thing. Why would you want inauthentic Greek food when you can have a real gyro? Our gyro recipe is just as authentic as our souvlaki. We learned from the best and make it the way we were taught.

There’s More Than Just Sandwiches

Though Denver gyros are typically served as sandwiches on delicious homemade flatbread, we know that sandwiches aren’t always the best way to sate your craving for Greek food. That’s why we incorporate our gyro meat into other dishes. Order a Greek Gyro Salad, an Athena Omelet, the Greek Omelet, or the Supreme Skillet and add a touch of Greek flavor to your favorite diner classics. You’ll be able to enjoy your gyro without chowing down on a sandwich when all you want is breakfast with a Mediterranean twist.

Get Your Fix at Sam’s

The next time you’re craving gyros in Denver, don’t spend hours looking for the best Greek restaurant in town. Head on down to your favorite neighborhood diner instead. We’ll make you an authentic gyro that will leave you feeling like you’re on vacation in Greece. Just make sure you come hungry—it’s good enough that you’ll want to clean your plate every single time.