Is there anything better than bacon? We don’t think so. It adds flavor to the most boring and bland dishes. It’s food from the gods! You might even say it’s better than true love. After all, bacon won’t desert you when you need it most. Bacon won’t ever disappoint you when life doesn’t live up to your plans. It’s there for you in thick and thin slices, cooked extra crispy, and served up just the way you like it. At Sam’s, we know that being single around Singles’ Awareness Day can be tough. But you can take comfort in some of the best bacon-heavy dishes in Denver.

Bacon and Cocktails to Soothe Your Soul

Who needs true love when you have a loaded Bloody Mary served ice-cold in a pint glass full of bacon and all the trimmings? No one, that’s who! It’s got just enough booze to leave you feeling pleasantly buzzed while the bacon will make you feel less alone. Heck, you can even bring a friend along so you can share in your triumph over living the single life together.

You Can Get It on Everything

If there’s one thing we know about bacon in Denver, it’s that it belongs on just about everything. And at Sam’s, we’re here to make that a reality. You can order bacon on just about every dish we serve if you want to. Or, of course, you can get it on the side, but where’s the fun in that? Order that cheeseburger with extra bacon and impress diners around you with your dedication to the best of the breakfast meats. Crumble a few strips on top of your pancakes to create a sweet and salty masterpiece. It’s up to you because the only person you’re answerable to is yourself.

Be Healthy, But Not Too Healthy

There’s nothing wrong with loving yourself. In fact, it can help you be more attractive to prospective partners if you’re ready to get out on the market (if you ever want to, that is). While getting plenty of veg into your diet helps, you don’t have to make tons of sacrifices. Order a salad, by all means, but feel free to add bacon to the mix. It’s your life. You deserve to be happy.

Get the Best Bacon in Denver

Nothing beats bacon and the best place to get bacon in Denver is Sam’s No. 3. Order online or dine in with us today.