At Sam’s, we think that March Madness should be a proper holiday. Everyone deserves to catch their favorite games on the big screen rather than checking scores on their phones during breaks at work. Unfortunately, it’s not always an option. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the game and embrace the festivities that make March Madness more fun than the Super Bowl. You just need to stock up on the right supplies and that means picking up the best wings in Denver.

Wings Your Way

Some places serve up wings the way they feel like making them. That means you’re not able to customize spice level, sauce, or anything else about the best game day snack in the world. At Sam’s, we know that there’s nothing worse than a wing that burns your tongue or one with too much sauce when all you want is a dry wing. That’s why we let you make your own choices. When you order the best wings in Denver, it’s up to you how they’re served.

Choose between sauce on the side, fully tossed, dry, or ditch the wing sauce altogether. Instead, swap the wing sauce for our sweet and tangy barbecue sauce. Whatever you feel like, we’ll make it happen.

Keep ‘Em for Yourself or Share Around

If you’re watching the game on your own, the best wings in Denver can be yours and yours alone. But if you’re feeling generous, you can always order enough to share. Order a dozen wings as an appetizer or make a meal out of them by ordering 24. You’ll have enough on hand to feed your hungry family members that are watching with you.

Why Stop at Wings?

Wings may be the standard for gameday in Denver, but you don’t have to just order those tender bits of chicken. Why not order wings and rings? It’s the best of both worlds and, if you play your cards right, you won’t have to share your wings with anyone. They’ll be too distracted by our large, crispy onion rings to even notice your coveted wings.

Make March Madness the Best Part of Spring

No one should have to celebrate a boring March Madness with bland food that doesn’t do anything for your gameday revelry. Order the best wings in Denver from your neighborhood Sam’s No. 3. Place an order to-go or plan on watching the big game on one of our large screen TVs.