Can we take a minute to appreciate the great, crispy yet fluffy deliciousness that is the waffle?! What could possibly be better than tucking into a large waffle with all your favorite toppings? Not having to make it yourself, that’s what! Treat yourself to a waffle-y delicious breakfast in Denver at Sam’s No. 3! These are just a few of our classics to whet your appetite.

The Straight-Up Old Fashioned Waffle

Waffles from Sam’s are a Denver breakfast classic for a reason: our signature recipe beats everything else. Our batter is just sweet enough to make it delicious on its own but not so sweet that you feel like your teeth are rotting when you drench it in syrup. Order it as is or spruce it up with chocolate chips, blueberries, or whipped cream. Order a mimosa on the side and you’ve got a breakfast to remember. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Old Fashioned Turned Nutty

Our classic Old Fashioned Waffle takes a turn for the wonky with a generous helping of pecan pieces for those of you who like your Denver breakfast with a bit of crunch. For these waffles, we recommend ordering a second. Trust us. One just isn’t enough!

Waffle Sandwich for Savory Breakfast Lovers

Not in the mood for a sugar bomb but still want to enjoy your breakfast in style? We’ve got you covered. Our waffle sandwich features your choice of eggs and breakfast meat stacked between our signature waffle batter. And if you want to spice things up by adding pecans or whipped cream to your sammy, we won’t judge.

Grab a Taste of the South with Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and waffles are all the rage and are crazy popular among Denver’s breakfast enthusiasts. And while some restaurants use pre-fried chicken kept under a warming basket, we think you deserve better. We fry our chicken fresh each time and give you three succulent, juicy, and crispy pieces with the waffle of your choice. That’s right—berries, chocolate, pecans, whatever—it all goes and it’s all good. But for a true taste of the south, order yours with pecans, a side of gravy, and a sausage patty.


Enjoy the Best Breakfast in the Mile High at Sam’s!

Hungry with an empty fridge? Don’t pancake and flip out just yet! We’ve got a better suggestion. Enjoy Denver’s best breakfast at Sam’s No. 3. Order to-go or dine in at your favorite location and satisfy your sweet tooth without dirtying the kitchen.