Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and in preparation, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: You don’t have to take Mom on a big fancy trip to show her a good time. Instead of flying to Cabo and enduring an awkward plane ride, you can treat Mom to a delicious brunch at Sam’s! Here’s why everyone and their mom is dying to get a spot at our Denver diner this Mother’s Day.


Why Sam’s Is the Best Spot for Mother’s Day Brunch in Denver

If you’re still set on Cabo, we don’t blame you. But trust us when we say that after a breakfast burrito and a few Bloody Mary’s, you won’t know the difference. You and Mom will still have a fantastic time. Our service and food rank nothing less than outstanding. 


Here’s why your mother will love us at Sam’s.


Service Since 1927

The cool thing about our restaurant is that it’s been around for almost 100 years. We’ve got to be doing something right if we’ve stuck it through the Great Depression AND the Covid-19 Pandemic. We opened in August of 1927 and have been providing incredible service ever since. Mom may have high expectations, but when it comes to customer service, we’ve got skills and we’re not afraid to show it!


Extensive Food & Drink Menu

With almost 100 years in the business, we’ve developed quite the menu. There are over 100 items to choose from, including fantastic drinks and food. Our extensive menu has something for everyone and every mom! Brunch in Denver has never been so exciting! 


Mom-Approved, Healthy Options

While drinks and pancakes all day sounds like a win-win, sometimes our bodies just need a little reminder that it’s never a bad idea to eat healthy. That’s why we’ve stacked our menu with tons of healthy, mom-approved options. The Greek Omelet, T.S.A. Benedict, and Mexican Breakfast  are just a few of the options that you and Mom are bound to love. Packed with protein and made to keep you going all day, these dishes are fantastic and are staples for brunch in Denver.  


What Are You Waiting For?

We hope you bought flight insurance for that trip because your mother is sure to love spending quality time with family on Mother’s Day morning at Sam’s! Plus, even though the pancakes are worth millions, you’ll be saving a couple of pennies by opting to visit us for brunch in Denver rather than margaritas in Cabo. Call today to get directions to a location near you!