Eating light in the summertime is common but when it comes to salad, we still need flavor. Otherwise, it just becomes….too healthy tasting. That’s why at Sam’s we have sizzling salads that are packed full of flavor. These delicious dishes are sure to meet everyone’s standards from protein junkies to vegans alike! 

The Best Salads in Denver Are from Sam’s!

“A salad can be both healthy and delicious,” said no one ever. No, it’s true!! Here at Sam’s, we know that it’s bathing suit season, and heating healthy is all the rage. But you should still be able to enjoy a good meal. That’s why you can expect fresh, flavorful, and straight-up sizzling  salads getting served up in our Denver diner on the regular. Here’s why you’ll love our salads. 


Taste Good, Feel Good

Abs are made in the kitchen, right? That’s why trying something as flavorful as our Southwest Chicken Salad is not only going to hit the right spot but odds are, you’ll feel good too! This is different than all those times you bought all that healthy food, opened the fridge, and now there’s nothing good to eat! Why, you ask? Because you’ll actually want to eat it! Who said you couldn’t kill two birds with one stone?


Endless Options

Some of us like Caesar salad and others like Wedge. Some of us don’t like any at all. That’s about to change because at Sam’s, there are so many different options to choose from! Not only do we have tons of salad options but also endless toppings and salad dressings to choose from as well. Feeling spicy? Kick it up with our Buffalo Chicken Breast Salad. Or if you’re looking for something more traditional, opt for our Chef Salad or Mr. Sam’s Cobb Salad.


Treat Yo’self

Parks and Rec had it right. We don’t have to be good all the time! Treat yo’ self to a salad loaded with onion rings on top! Our BBQ-Ranch Onion Ring Chicken Fried Chicken Salad doesn’t disappoint! Or make it a combo and add a bowl of Chili. Really want to treat yo’self? Skip the salad and just order the onion rings. We won’t tell!



Didn’t think we could convince you that eating a salad can be worth your time? Come in and try it for yourself. We get it, with all of our offerings, it can be hard to choose, but our salads are fresh and tasty! At Sam’s, we’ll be serving our sizzling salads all summer long in Denver!