Sam’s No. 3 offers some of the most scrumptious omelets in Denver. It’s nearly impossible to eggs-plain how delicious our omelets are; you’ll have to come try them yourself! Below, we’ve listed some of our staff and customer favorites.

What Makes Our Omelets Egg-cellent

Our omelets are beautifully crafted from farm-fresh eggs for a tasty and hearty breakfast that you can feel good about. Not only do our omelets taste great, but we also have a wide variety of sides to choose from including potatoes, French toast, biscuits with gravy, or mini cakes!


Staff & Customer Favorites

No matter what you enjoy in an omelet, Sam’s No. 3 has you covered! Here are some of our staff and customer favorites.


The Denver Omelet

Our Denver Omelet is a classic favorite and is made with egg, ham, onion, and green pepper. 

While this may seem simple on the surface, there’s a history to it that has been subject to much speculation. For years, foodies have debated on the origins of the Denver Omelet. 

Is the plaque in downtown Denver that claims that the origin was pioneers attempting to disguise the taste of rotten eggs with vegetables and ham accurate? Probably not.

Are tales like the Denver Omelet originating from egg foo young eaten by Chinese laborers or evolving from a sandwich more likely? Possibly.

We may never know the real story behind the Denver Omelet, but who doesn’t love a mystery?


Athena Omelet

We channeled Athena’s wisdom to formulate this unique and mouth-watering spin on omelets. Not only will you get the standard serving of eggs, but you’ll also enjoy delicious feta, spinach, gyro meat, tomato, and a size of tzatziki. Opa!


“Momma’s Big Fat” Omelet

Boys and girls, we hope you brought your appetite! This one’s not for the faint of heart!

“Momma’s Big Fat” Omelet consists of SIX EGGS, in addition to gyro meat, ham, sausage, and veggies.

Like momma says, make sure to eat everything on your plate!


3 Cheese Omelet

Sometimes, you might feel a little cheesy. Sam’s No.3 has you covered with our 3 Cheese Omelet.

Rather than being confined to one type of cheese, this delicious meal includes Swiss, Jack, and Cheddar cheese.

It doesn’t get any cheddar than this!


Try One of Our Egg-cVisiteptional Omelets Today!

Omelet you in on a secret… when it comes to breakfast, it doesn’t get any better than this! Stop by our Denver diner today and enjoy a delicious omelet or give us a call to place an order to-go!