Few things in life are certain. That’s why it’s so wonderful to know that you can always count on bacon… juicy, delicious bacon. Ah, bacon, no one understands me the way you do!

And at Sam’s No. 3, we’re serving up bacon all day long! We offer breakfast all day, every day. That means no matter what time of day your bacon craving hits, you can head on over and we’ll fix you right up in no time. 

Not only that, but you can enjoy your bacon with all your breakfast favorites. Booze, coffee, pancakes… need we say more?

If you haven’t already, here’s why you should visit us for breakfast in Denver (or stop by again)! 


Why Locals Go to Sam’s for Breakfast in Denver

We get it. When it comes to breakfast, you’ve got options. But answer yourself honestly. How appealing does that month-old box of cereal really look? 

If you want to eat like the locals do in Denver, you should head on over to Sam’s No. 3. Here’s what makes our diner the best spot for breakfast in the Mile High City. 


#1: You Can Get Your Caffeine-Fix Fast

Caffeine is a staple in the American diet and there’s no reason you should have to go without it. When you visit Sam’s, we’ll make sure that you get your caffeine fix fast. Relax on the weekend with a Mexican Coffee made from Kahlua, tequila, and vanilla ice cream. Or grab a delicious Caramel Macchiato on your way to work! Our lattes and coffee drinks can be enjoyed in-house or to-go.


#2: It’s a Bacon Lover’s Paradise

Bacon burritos, bacon-topped Bloody Mary’s, bacon sandwiches… the list goes on and on! When it comes to bacon, we mean business. Serious bacon lovers won’t want to miss out on our Breakfast B.B.B.B.B.L.T., Kitchen Sink Burrito, and other bacon-centric dishes. 


#3: Booze + Breakfast = Happiness

When life gets tough, you can always count on us… to provide the booze! When you visit us for breakfast in Denver, you’ll be able to choose from a huge selection of delicious cocktails to make your meal even more satisfying. Opt for a Loaded Bloody Mary garnished with bacon, one of our delicious Lemoni Bellini Mimosas, or a classic Irish Coffee. When it comes to booze and breakfast at Sam’s, it’s hard to go wrong!


Stop by Today!

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