Do you feel sad that there aren’t enough vegetarian-friendly diners in Denver? Well, then, you must not have heard of Sam’s No. 3! Vegetarians love eating at our diner, and we will tell you exactly why! (Why? Because we have nothing better to do and because we can!)


Why Sam’s Is the Best Vegetarian-Friendly Diner in Denver

Vegetarians have to put up with a lot. It’s guaranteed that just about every other week, someone’s going to ask you if you miss bacon. Or, even worse, they want to know where you get your protein. On the positive side, whenever you get hungry, you know you can always find something to eat fast by heading on over to your favorite vegetarian friendly diner, Sam’s No. 3. 

Here are some reasons why we are the go-to spot for vegetarian food in Denver.


We Have the Best Vegetarian Chili in all of Denver 

Feeling hangry? Relax and just chili out. No, literally. Our Kickin’ Veggie Green Chili is the perfect fix!

Our vegetarian chili is the perfect balance between savory and spicy, and it’s completely meatless! But watch out – it’s so delicious that you might find yourself fighting off your carnivore friends as they try to sneak bites from your plate. Oh, kale no! 


Our Vegetarian Options Will Broc Your World

Haters gonna hate, but we don’t carrot all! Our vegetarian options can’t be beet!

We kept vegetarians in mind when designing our menu. That’s why we included delicious menu items like the High Maintenance Vegetarian-Gluten Friendly-Dairy Free Stack (say that five times fast), our humongous 2lb. Vegetarian Burrito, our tasty Veggie Melt with kalamata spread, vegetarian breakfast foods, and tons of veg-friendly Mexican dishes.


Vegetarians Go Bananas Over Our Desserts 

Most restaurants seem to forget that vegetarians have a sweet tooth too. A lack of healthy dessert options can be so una-peeling! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have tons of delicious and healthy dessert options for vegetarians, like our Fruit Parfait, Breakfast Banana Split, and Seasonal Fruit Plate. 

Or if you’re in the mood to indulge, try our Mile High Banana Split or Mr. Sam’s Dessert Flautas. Any ending that involves sugar is a good ending in our book!


Visit Sam’s No. 3 for the Best Vegetarian Options in Denver

If it wasn’t clear already, it should be now. Sam’s No. 3 is by far the best vegetarian-friendly diner in Denver. Just c’mon down and lettuce prove it! Call today to get directions!