Brace yourselves. Winter is coming.

Some people love winter. But for others, their favorite winter activity is going back inside.

No matter where you stand, there’s no denying the joy of a warm, hearty meal on a cold weather day. And at Sam’s No. 3, we’ll be serving hot, hearty, heavy, and heavenly meals all season long! 

Here are some of our favorite cold weather dishes. 


Eat Your Way through Winter at Your Favorite Denver Diner!

Yes, the skiing’s great, but it can get pretty cold up in this town! And when the temperatures drop down low, you need some delicious, hearty food to warm you up. 

Thank goodness your favorite Denver diner has got your back! These scrumptious, hearty dishes will help you stay warm when the weather gets cold.


Momma’s Big Fat Omelet 

If you’re looking for a hot breakfast to fill you up on a cold day, there’s nothing better than Momma’s Big Fat Omelet! And yes, it is as unbelievably delicious as it sounds!

It’s made with SIX (yes, six) eggs! And it also has bacon, sausage, gyro meat, and ham (basically every kind of breakfast meat that exists). Oh, and onion, mushroom, tomato, Swiss, Jack, American, and Cheddar cheese. Last but not least, it’s topped off with our famous Kickin’ Pork Green Chili. 



Kickin’ Pork Green Chili 

If you can’t get enough of our Kickin’ Pork Green Chili (we don’t blame you, we can’t either), then why settle for just a side? You can make it your whole meal instead! Heck, you can get a gallon’s worth if you want (and we won’t judge you, promise!)

This delicious, hearty chili is what made us one of the most famous diners in Denver! 



Nothing warms the heart quite like Mexican food. Our hearty enchiladas are served hot and spicy as they should be, making them perfect for the cold months ahead. 

They’re super authentic. Like, Emilio’s mom makes the spicy rojo sauce for us. You can’t get more authentic than that!

You can get a plate of either cheese, chicken, or beef enchiladas. It doesn’t really matter which you choose; they’re all delicious. 


Visit Denver’s Favorite Diner, Sam’s No. 3!

Feeling chilly? Then make your way to your favorite Denver diner right now! Our delicious, hearty dishes are guaranteed to warm you up and will leave you feeling happy and satisfied! Call today to get directions or place an order for pick-up!