Coffee… it’s like a liquid hug for your brain. But some mornings, one cup just isn’t enough… especially when it’s cold outside! Good thing Sam’s No. 3 offers all kinds of coffee drinks and lattes for you to enjoy. We care about you, and we won’t let you be cold this season. Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite lattes and coffee drinks for wintertime.


Get the Best Coffee in Denver, Right Here at Sam’s No. 3!

At Sam’s No. 3, we cater to coffee lovers of all types. Whether you’re a fanatic who enjoys drinking sugarless black coffee or someone who masks the taste with heaps of cream and sugar, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the glorious coffee drinks and lattes we offer to our treasured patrons.

White Chocolate Mocha

If it’s gonna be a white Christmas, then your coffee drink should be reminiscent of that. And what’s a better reminder of snow than a white chocolate mocha? It’s light, frothy, white… pretty much everything you’ve been dreaming of, minus the bitter cold! 

Van Halen Latté

Winter weather can be nutty. But there’s no sense in fighting it, so you might as well embrace it! Our Van Halen Latté features hazelnut and vanilla syrup along with espresso and steamed milk. 

Mexican Coffee 

Adults have it hard. Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up to keep you going, especially during the holiday season. Our Mexican Coffee is a brilliant mixture of coffee, vanilla ice-cream, tequila, and Kahlúa. Take it from us, this sugary, boozy coffee drink is definitely going to warm you up! 

Chai Tea Latté

When it’s cold outside, you need a drink that warms you to the core of your soul. And there’s no better option than a chai tea latté. Warm, milky, sweet, and slightly spicy, this drink is the equivalent of Christmas in a cup!

Irish Coffee

Sometimes what you really need during the holiday season is simplicity and a bit of booze. That’s why our Irish Coffee is the perfect way to relax. We just mix your standard cuppa joe with some Jameson whiskey. Go on, take a sip and feel the warmth!


Stay Warm This Winter with Coffee & Lattes from Sam’s No. 3

Somedays, it feels like the cold is out to get you. There’s no better way to escape the winter weather with a coffee or latte from Sam’s No. 3 in Denver. Call today to get directions to a location near you!