In January, Denver turns into a winter wonderland. Some Coloradans love the winter because of the great skiing and snow sports. But for others, their favorite winter activity is going back inside. 

Regardless, whether you love it or hate it, the cold weather is here to stay. But that doesn’t mean you have to freeze. Stay warm this winter with a delicious bowl of green chili from Sam’s No. 3! 

Not to brag (we all probably know by now that if someone says that, they are probably bragging), but we definitely have the best green chili in Denver. And we can prove it! 


Why Sam’s Should Be Your Go-To Spot for Green Chili in Denver

Besides tasting absolutely divine, there are plenty of reasons why Sam’s Kickin’ Green Chili is the best in all of Denver. Here are just a few:


1. Our Green Chili Goes with Everything

Literally, everything. Want to spice up your omelet? Smother it with our green chili. Does the thought of a breakfast burrito  dripping with loads of sauce instantly make your mouth water? Looking for a little something extra to top off your breakfast potato stackers? Our answer to everything: green chili. Period.


2. It’s ALWAYS Available

The only green chili in Denver that’s guaranteed to never run out! At Sam’s No. 3, we take great pride in our chili, and we want everyone to be able to try it! So, we always make sure to have it available for  whenever your cravings kick in. 


3. There’s a Vegetarian Variation

We don’t want our vegetarian friends to miss out on something this good. So in addition to our original version made with pork, we also have a veggie variation.


4. It’s Made with Love

Like your momma made it! But seriously, we’ve been in business since 1927…. Sam’s No. 3 and America basically grew up together. We love our patrons and we love serving them great food!


5. It’s Quite a Bargain

You’d think the best green chili in Denver would cost an arm and a leg. But, at Sam’s No. 3, we don’t believe in all that nonsense. We keep our prices affordable so our food can be enjoyed by everyone. We love food and we love sharing it.


Get the Best Green Chili in Denver at Sam’s No. 3

Well, don’t just sit there drooling with your stomach growling! Come on by and eat our famous green chili till your heart’s content!