Mom-ing is hard. After all those years of driving you around, feeding you, taking care of you, and basically catering to your every need, don’t you think that Mom deserves some appreciation? Make this Mother’s Day special by taking her out to breakfast in Denver at Sam’s No. 3


Here’s why a trip to our diner is the best way to win over Mom’s heart.


Reasons to Visit Sam’s for Mother’s Day

You have to admit, you turned out pretty awesome. Mom deserves some props for that. Show her how much you appreciate her by taking her out to breakfast at the best diner in Denver, Sam’s No. 3! Here’s why you include us in your Mother’s Day celebrations. 


One Word: Mom-osas

On May 8th, Mom is officially off duty. It’s mom-osa time! Celebrate Mom’s special day with a little bubbly! Choose from exciting flavors like our tropical Flip Flop Mimosa, refreshing Anti-Oxidant Mimosa, or a summery Lemoni Bellini Mimosa, or simply opt for a tried and true favorite and order a classic mimosa. It’s Mom’s Day – whatever Mom wants, Mom gets!


Mom-Approved Meals

Remember all those times Mom told you to eat your veggies? Now’s your chance to show her you listened. Our menu is packed with healthy, mom-approved options that the two of you can enjoy. Keep it light with an Athena Omelet or Veggie Stacker. For something on the sweeter side, try a Breakfast Banana Split or Fruit Parfait. Or keep things simple with our Grilled Chicken Breast & Eggs. When you visit Sam’s for breakfast in Denver, you can be sure you’ll get your full serving of fruits, veggies, and protein!


Chill & Casual

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that an upscale restaurant and four course meal is the way to go for Mother’s Day. After a long, hard week, all Mom wants to do is relax. Take her someplace chill and casual like Sam’s No. 3. Here, the two of you can chill out and simply be yourselves, all while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Cheers to that!


International Cuisine

Let’s be honest; what Mom really needs is a vacation. But maybe a trip to Mykonos is a little out of your budget. Instead, opt for the next best thing – international cuisine! When you visit Sam’s, you can enjoy a delicious meal inspired by authentic flavors from all around the world. We offer a variety of cuisine for you to choose from, including Mexican, Greek, French, Southwestern, and more. 


Get Directions

Make Mom’s Day memorable this year. Enjoy breakfast at Sam’s No. 3 in Denver. Call now to get directions!