Baby, it’s cold outside. And you know what that means! Hot toddy season has finally arrived!

If you’re like us, then few things could tempt you to brave the winter cold and go outside. But if there’s anything that could convince you to wade through mounds of snow and enduring bone chilling temperatures, it’s got to be booze!

And just think of the reward! Once you make your way to Sam’s No. 3 and get all cozy and warm, you’ll have a delicious hot toddy at your fingertips!

Here’s why our hot toddies are a favorite among Denver locals.


What Makes Our Hot Toddies the Best in Denver

No, it’s not just you. It’s definitely getting hot toddy in here! Winter is hot toddy season and no one does it better than Sam’s No. 3! Just ask any local – our hot toddies are the best in Denver. 

There are lots of different recipes out there for making a hot toddy. Some people use lemon and honey while others opt for brown sugar, star anise, or apple cider vinegar. At Sam’s No. 3, we’ve tried them all. And after years of honing our craft, we’ve come up with the perfect concoction.

Here’s how we make the magic happen:


Mandarin Orange Tea

If you’ve never had mandarin orange tea, you’re missing out. It’s deliciously zesty and citrusy. And in the dead of winter, no one wants to sip on an ice cold beverage. Hot tea is definitely the way to go. Trust us, it’s a game-changer.



What’s better than a hot cup of tea when it’s freezing cold outside? Tea with booze! Our hot toddies are made with a healthy pour of whiskey to take off the winter chill.



Hot toddies are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. That’s why at Sam’s No. 3, we add a cinnamon stick to every cup!


A Secret Ingredient

Okay, so it’s not so secret cause we share it on our drink menu. But it is essential! A pat of butter is the special ingredient that sets our hot toddies apart from all the rest. 


Call Today to Get Directions to a Location Near You

You don’t have to go far to find the perfect hot toddy in Denver. With three prime locations, there’s bound to be a Sam’s No. 3 close to you! Call today to get directions or speak to a member of our team!