No great party was ever had without great party food. From birthdays and quinceaneras to Super Bowl parties, office parties, and holiday fiestas, good food is an absolutely necessity for any type of celebration. Whether you’re throwing a formal party or a casual get together, it’s important to make sure that your guests have a good time, which includes making sure there’s tasty food available for them to eat.


But prepping food for a party isn’t always an easy or convenient task. In fact, it’s rarely ever either of those things. But don’t worry. If you’re short on time for your party preparations, you can always order takeout from Sam’s No. 3 in Denver! Our chili togo is the perfect party food and a sure way to impress your guests. Trust us, by the end of the night, they’ll be asking for the recipe. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell if you don’t!)


Why Sam’s Chili ToGo Is Amazing for Parties

When it comes to party food, Sam’s chili is amazing to say the least. It’s fresh, delicious, and can be conveniently ordered with a quick phone call. Whether you’re hosting a small casual hang out with friends or a huge weekend-long extravaganza, you should definitely consider adding Sam’s chili to your party food list. Here’s why.



  • Sam’s No.3 Chili is made with real New Mexico Certified Chiles.


At Sam’s No. 3, we use real New Mexico certified chiles to make our pork green chili and vegetarian green chili. Both the spiciness and the flavor of New Mexico chiles makes them unique. New Mexico chiles have an average SHU of 800-1400 (hotter than California chiles) and have an earthy, sweet flavor. Talk about delicious!



  • It can be easily shared among guests.


Another reason that Sam’s chili is great for parties is that it can be easily shared. You can set up a chili bar with different toppings, serve it with warm tortillas or tortilla chips, or just set out in the table as is in the to go container for easy clean up. All you need is a serving spoon and a few bowls.



  • It’s great as a topping and a main dish.


Another great thing about Sam’s chili is that you can eat it so many different ways. It tastes great on top of hot dogs, hamburgers, and burritos and it’s also delicious on its own. With this versatile togo food, your guests can get as creative as they want and make their meal just the way they like it.


Order Sam’s ToGo Chili for Your Next Party in Denver

Forget the stress and hassle of prepping food for your party. Make things easy on yourself and give your guests something to remember with togo chili from Sam’s No.3 in Denver. Call us today to place your order or get directions to our diner!